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East Pavilion Surgery Center Named Facility of the Year by Oregon ASCA 

East Pavilion Surgery Center: Oregon ASCA “Facility of the Year” 

East Pavilion Surgery Center, an SCA Health-affiliated center, has been named “Facility of the Year” by the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. 

Recognizing Excellence 

East Pavilion Surgery Center has been named “Facility of the Year” by the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. 

East Pavilion Surgery Center (Providence Health and SCA Health-affiliated), located in Portland, Oregon, was recently recognized by the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Center Association as its “Facility of the Year”. This honorable award recognizes a center in Oregon for their commitment to patient safety and clinical quality. 

Below are some responses and reactions from administrators and staff members of East Pavilion SC regarding the award: 

Daniel A. Hirselj, M.D.: “This award is a wonderful representation of all the work of the leadership and staff put in to making East Pavilion such a great facility to operate. The team at the center makes it a fun place to work and operate – it’s awesome!” 

Edsel Kim, M.D.: “It’s a wonderful acknowledgment highlighting the exceptional leadership and teamwork with all the staff members to deliver the highest level of care. This will encourage the SCA Health physician owners to do what we can to continue to strive for excellence and do the best that we can for our patients and staff.” 

Anand Jain, M.D.: “It’s a great reflection of the success of the center in providing excellent clinical care and creating a workplace where clinicians feel valued” 

OASCA congratulates the administrators and staff of East Pavilion Surgery Center on this accomplishment and recognition!